Earl “Skip” Williams is the President , CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fidelity Print Communications. His current focus is to continue to build FPC into a technology leader in the graphic arts industry.

Williams arrived in Chicago from Memphis, Tennessee in 1941 at the age of 14 with only $20 dollars in his shoe and an abundance of hopes and dreams. He found a home at I.S. Berlin Press, where he worked for twenty years with a break to serve in the Air Force under the command of General Benjamin O. Davis Jr.

At I.S. Berlin Press he was nicknamed “Skip” because he never seemed to walk while doing his job. He moved and worked so fast he appeared to be “Skipping”. To supplement his income and support his growing family of seven children, Skip also sold household products door to door, took up hat making as a secondary trade, went to night school to further his education and even spent a brief period as a prize fighter. Skip left Berlin in 1963 to open Fidelity Bindery Company, the first minority owned bindery in the Mid-West. Today, Skip is a minister, an accomplished public speaker, a businessman, mentor and a beloved great-grandfather.

There’s plenty more to learn about Skip, so be sure to check out the book.
Getting It Together, Black Businessmen in America”, by John Seder

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